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See how EarlyPing works when there is an incident.

EarlyPing is a modern observability platform that monitors your IT infrastructure from several locations and network providers across the world. This guided tour will show you how EarlyPing works when it discovers a problem with one of your websites or web applications.

What Happens When We Detect a new incident?

This is how EarlyPing works when it detects a new incident.

It all begins when one of our globally distributed monitoring servers fails to reach your website or web application. We perform three consecutive checks from multiple network providers (AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, and other local network providers) before flagging the failed check as an incident. If all three checks fail, then we create an incident.

Step 1 / 7

EarlyPing fails to reach one of your monitor.

EarlyPing fails to reach one of your websites or web application within the configured time interval despite multiple verification checks conducted by three other network providers from the location.

Step 2 / 7

A new incident is created and notifications are sent.

EarlyPing automatically updates your dashboard, status pages, and any webhooks if configured as soon as an incident is created. Once the incident is created, we notify all the designed notification handles (Emails, SMS, Calls, Webhooks, Slack channels, Telegram, etc.) that there is a new incident that requires your urgent attention.

Step 3/ 7

Relevent status pages are automatically updated.

Once we send notifications to your team, EarlyPing updates your status page to reflect this new incident. This lets your customers know that your team is aware of the incident and is already working to resolve it.

Step 4 / 7

Incident is automatically communicated to your customers.

Affected users or customers can check your branded status page for updates regarding the incident because it is important to be transparent while resolving incidents. EarlyPing automatically posts updates as you resolve it.

Step 5 / 7

EarlyPing continuously monitors the incident.

While you are resolving the incident, EarlyPing will continuously monitor the incident from its 150 globally distributed servers. We will take care of the communication while you resolve the incident.

Step 6 / 7

Incident is automatically closed once resolved.

As soon as you resolve the incident, EarlyPing will automatically update the incident, close the incident, update all the relevant status pages and notify all designated notification handlers that the incident is now resolved and everything is back to normal.

Step 7 / 7

Incident is automatically updated on status page.

Customers can now see that the incident is resolved and everything is normal. The incident will also be listed under the "Past Incident" page for future reference.

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