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Telescope helps you understand how visitors behave on your website by creating heatmaps and recording visitor sessions and other behavioral data, like scrolls and clicks, to enhance traditional metrics like bounce rate and time on site.

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The user details you need

Visualize the “why” and “how” of your user experience

Telescope recreates more than sessions. It replicates your site or app in every detail.

See what catches users’ eyes

Heatmaps built on insightful data.

Bring the qualitative and quantitative data together. Heatmaps help you give context and meaning to your data. Analyze how elements impact visitor's behaviour.

Everyone from software developers to brand marketers may utilise Telescope to analyse user behaviour using simple engagement maps.

  • Check See how users are using your website or app.
  • Check Improve CX by identifying problems.
  • Check No additional installation or integration needed.
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High-fi playback with no effect on site speed.

Watch session replays to visualize how your visitors absorb your content, where they get stuck, and thus where you can improve the overall experience. Understand visitors experience your site with new eyes.

Discover the data's user experience. Session Replay shows user activity. Feel their pain to rapidly relieve it.

  • Check Learn more about your users’ pain points.
  • Check Optimize engagement and conversion rates.


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