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A year ago, we were seeking a solution that could provide us with consistent uptime monitoring and the ability to personalise our status pages with our brand's logos and colours to monitor our websites and monitor their performance. We sought a minimum of one-minute uptime checks, SMS/call alerts, sophisticated status page modifications, and a reasonable cost. There was nothing to be found.

As a result, we began looking into creating our own. We had a plan of action in place within a few weeks. In addition, with the assistance of our amazing team at BuoStack, we started working on EarlyPing.

EarlyPing offers uptime and performance monitoring, extensive reporting to assist in the diagnosis of problems, configurable alerts to warn your team of any difficulties, public status pages to keep your customers informed, and other features to help you succeed. A website's speed and availability are critical for improving search engine rankings, minimising customer support calls, and improving the overall user experience.

EarlyPing is being built by BuoStack, a startup based out of Palo Alto, CA. With years of experience, our team at BuoStack understands the problem plaguing other IT monitoring platforms. While we have overcome those problems, we are also striving to build an IT monitoring platform that can support and monitor the Internet of tomorrow.


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